You can connect your framing studio to your Shopify store, this will allow you to create items yourself for your store or allow you to add framing functionalities to Shopify. In order to do this, your first need to generate API credentials by creating a custom app in your Shopify admin panel.

Step 1. Go to "Apps" and "Develop apps". If it is the first time you access this section, you will need to "Allow custom app development" and "Allow custom app development".

Step 2. Click "Create an app" and enter "SimulArt" as the app name.

Step 3. Click "Select Configure Admin API scopes", and check the "Products" read and write permissions.

Step 4. Click "Install app"

Step 5. Under the "API Credentials" tab, copy the Admin API access token. This key can only be accessed one time so please make sure to copy it before navigating away from the page. If you do not copy it you will need to click uninstall and then reinstall to copy a new key.

Step 6. Now log into your framing Studio and navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Third Party Cart Connection, click Shopify and enter your Shopify account domain and your new API token.

If the connection is successful, admins and users will have a new "Add to Shopify" button on their design page.  That button creates the item and redirects to the Shopify admin (login required).

To add framing to your Shopify store, you may now direct users to the frame designer ("connect" page) using a link or a button.

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