POD Exchange is a unique service which allows you to license, download, and print images from the world’s top publishers, directly on your own wide format printer.

Your POD images can be shown in SimulArt by purchasing the Premium Data Services on podexchange.com. Once you have joined the data service, a data key will be provided to you that can be input into SimulArt under Menu -> Settings -> POD Exchange Image Service.

When a valid key is entered and the connection is successful, a "POD Exchange Images" link is offered on the home page of all users and customers. 

The images shown are the images that belong to any publisher that you have a valid agreement with. Each publisher that you create an agreement with will automatically show their images in your gallery. 

An image selected is resized if necessary and offered in all your presets for selection:

A final design can then be worked on before saving and posting onto a quote or an order.

Take a look our demo POD gallery page here.