You can import batches of mats and mouldings to your account under Menu -> Mats & Mouldings. Select "Mouldings" or "Mats" at the top of the page and locate the "Import data" or "Import images" buttons.

Import Data

The "Import data" function allows you to import all the product information without the images, this is normally the first step when adding new items. For an import to be successful, you must select a properly formatted .csv file on your computer and click "Upload".

Sample files you can import are included below.

Import Images

Once the data is imported, you can import a zip file holding all the images. Your images should be already cropped jpeg files with a name matching your item codes. For example, if a moulding has the code MOUL001, the image should be named MOUL001.jpg. Select a properly formatted .zip file on your computer and click "Upload".

Moulding Images

If the moulding images you upload were previously downloaded from our system (already flipped) or if they have directional patterns, you should make sure that you select "Yes, do not modify them" when importing. If your images are not already flipped and do not have directional patterns, select "No, flip and tile my images". 

Mat Images

Imported mat images are always flipped and tiled.

Extra Images

For each mat or moulding, you can add an optional extra image displayed on the design page. This extra image can be enlarged by users and can be anything you want. It can for example be a profile image with measurements, an image showing the side, or a photo of an assembled frame.

To include extra images in your import, add images with the "_extra" suffix in your zip file. For example, a moulding code MOUL001 would have an image "MOUL001.jpg" and an extra image "MOUL001_extra.jpg".

See the example files attached below.