For maximum control, mats and mouldings have retail prices based on price tables with price codes. You can edit price codes and their associated prices under Menu -> Price Tables. Your tables can be very simple with only a few codes/dimensions or very complex. 

In this simple example, the price of a 32x40 exterior size frame (half perimeter = 72) fabricated with a code B moulding will be priced at 200.00.

You can change all the values of the table including the half perimeters. It is important to note that the system will calculate the prices for all dimensions in between your columns but the lowest price is the minimum and the highest price is the maximum.

Codes can be selected for all mats & mouldings under Menu -> Mats & Mouldings. For proper price calculation, a valid code must be assigned to each item:

Vendor items have default codes assigned to them, you may however change them individually or in batches with an export/import.