In some cases, the default subdomain we assign to your account may not be ideal for you. A custom subdomain may look better or may be required to make some integrations work.

For example, when integrating SimulArt to your existing website using an iframe, the account subdomain loaded in the iframe (e.g. must match your main domain name (e.g. for the required cookies to be saved correctly. 

We can configure your account to work with the domain or subdomain of your choice for an additional $10 per month. This fee includes the initial configuration, the maintenance, and the creation/installation of an SSL certificate to secure the URLs.

To proceed, start by creating the new subdomain (A record) in the DNS settings of your main domain name and point it to the IP address of the server where your SimulArt account is installed. Please make sure to select the correct IP in the table below:

Server Location
Your Account Domain
IP Address
North America

Once your subdomain has been created and is pointing to the correct IP, contact us to request the installation. We will adjust your monthly subscription amount and quickly configure the subdomain in your account.